Wondering if we can help your business?

We work with manufacturers and innovative store owners in the sewing, quilting and fabric industry to grow their business.

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If your business is related to fabric, sewing, quilting or other needle art we can definite help. If your in a completely unrelated industry it will be on a case by case bases.   

Yes. We can help with everything from local SEO, online sales, to simplifying customers signing up and purchasing your awesome classes.

Yes. We love working with pattern designers.

If your on Shopify YES, but otherwise probably not. Typically sites that are feeling old or not working properly have deep underlying issues. However there are exceptions to every rule and I’d be happy to discuss your current situation.

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Typically stores choose to use 1/4 or 1/2 yard increments unless they are using the metric system.

Yes! You can choose to sell in meters or yards.