Wondering if we can help your business?

We work with manufactures and innovative store owners in the sewing, quilting and fabric industry to grow their business.

Can you help us simplify our wholesale orders?

Yes. Wholesale is the backbone of the Sewing Industry there are several options to consider depending on your scale and budget. I’d be happy to chat about your particular needs.

Can you help my brick & mortar store?

Yes. We can help with everything from local SEO, online sales, to simplifying customers signing up and purchasing your awesome classes.

Can you help Pattern Makers?

Yes. We love working with pattern makers. You create awesome unique work that you want to share online and make a name for yourself. We can help you with all you print and digital download patterns. Wouldn’t it be nice if when someone purchased a digital product and it arrived instantly.

Can you help with our Email Marketing?

Absolutely. Depending on your needs we can come up with a solid strategy which you can DIY or we can offer you a done for you service.

Can you fix my current site?

Probably not. Typically sites that are feeling old or not working properly, are the underlying issue. However there are exceptions to every rule and I’d be happy to discuss your current situation.

Do you only do websites?

No. Our experiences encompass all aspects of your business we have a bottom up approach that starts where you need the most help to have the biggest impact on your business.

Can you help us sell on multiple channels like Etsy, Amazon, Jet or Ebay?

Yep. We can help you develop a strategy that will let you leverage your inventory across the web to find different pockets of new customers.

Do you build sites that work on iPhones or iPads?

Without a doubt. We put all our sites through rigorous testing across many device types and sizes to make sure your customers have a consistent and awesome experience.

Can you help me market my current site?

Maby. There are limitations on some platforms which we have no control over. Lets chat about your particular situation.

Do you do Facebook and Google Ad’s?

Yep. We can create a strategy for you to DIY or as a done for you service.

Can you help us with a video?

Kinda. We’d love to help you leverage video in your marketing and SEO. We can help you decide on the content that would be most effective. However we work remotely and would be unable to film without a plane ticket.

Can you help my Sewing Machine Repair Business stay more organized?

Yes. We can help you develop a strategy that will work for your customers and technicians that is easy and keeps the customer informed.

Can we see a demo?

Absolutely. We are happy to set you up a demo site where you can tinker on your own time. However because each business is unique we can’t guarantee the demo will do everything you need yet. If you would like a personal demo of specific functionality lets chat.

Does your system work with a POS system?

Yes. Our system has an Android and IOS app for retail and mobile trade show sales. It will even help you calculate the tax in that specific area.  

How long will it take to build my site?

It depends. Your business’s needs and budget are the key factors when looking at timelines. Some small projects take only a week or two and others may be more in depth and take longer.

Is this going to cost an arm and a leg?

Working with me is an investment in your business. I work to build you the right solution for your needs and I only take on projects I know I can knock out of the park.

Did I miss your question?

Shoot me an email James@JamesPieper.com I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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